Understand Prodibio Range

Four ranges of product

Prodibio improves its ranges to offer the hobbyist a specific solution designed for his own tank.
We have 4 ranges:
- the fresh water range,
- the salt water range,
- the fish treatment range,
-and the pond range.

We shared the fresh and salt water ranges in 3 parts regarding the volume of your aquarium and we developed a specific dosage and formula for each:

  • From 0 to 120 liters (0 -> 30 US gal), use the NANO RANGE
  • From 120 to 1000 liters (30 -> 250 US gal), use the STANDARD RANGE
  • From 1000 liters and more (250 + US gal), use the PRO RANGE



A simple color code

The following icons allow to quickly identify type of water for each product