Amazing Mundi Aquarium Center !

The aquatic store: Mundi Aquarium Center has realised a city with all Prodibio's products.
In the shop, there is a very special giant building! All the creation was built with Prodibio boxes...



A Biodigest City

BioDigest is a composed of living bacteria in order to strart or maintain biological filtration in an aquarium!
At Peligros (near to Grenada) in Spain, the aquatic store Mundi Aquarium Center has moved the primary use of this product.
The main building in the foreground is composed of 230 Biodigest boxes to form a 17-levels building!
We have to ad the largest vial in the center of the existing buildings with a height of 1.80m.

The whole work is composed of more than 450 boxes Prodibio!

All Prodibio team would like to thanks and congratulate Mundi Aquarium Center

As Mundi Aquarium Center, send us your amazing pictures, we will upload them to our website!

Localisation of Mundi Aquarium Center


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