Prodibio Aquarium Soils

AquaGrowth Soil, soil for freshwater aquarium
AquaGrowth Soil is a mineral soil specifically designed to facilitate the development of plants in your freshwater aquarium.
AquaGrowth Soil Informations Enriched soil for fresh water aquarium Ideal for an healthy plant growth and strong root development High temperature treatment (around 1200°C; 2192°F...
AquaShrimp Powder
AquaShrimp Powder is a mineral soil designed to facilitate the spawning of shrimps.
AquaShrimp Powder Informations Enriched soil especially designed for shrimp The powder texture of AquaShrimp Powder will allow shrimp to lay juvenile shrimp and keep them at the surface of the substrate...
BacterKit Soil, bacteria for soil freshwater
Bacter Kit Soil is a kit to seed an aquarium soil.
BacterKit Soil informations BacterKit Soil combines 2 different products for fresh aquarium aquarium: Bacter Soil: strains of live bacteria specifically aimed at colonizing a freshwater aquarium soil. Soil...