Dosage for Prodibio products

  • What are the doses of BioClean Salt and Reef Booster for a tank of 170 litres with a sump of 95 litres?

It is better to use the doses below for the total volume:

BioClean : 1 BioDigest vial every two weeks + 1 Bioptim vial every 2 weeks
Reef_Booster : 1 vial every 2 weeks


  • Why is it necessary to use BioDigest every two weeks ?

We preconize to use BioDigest every 15 days to reequilibrate the different population of each strain in the aquarium. In fact, the different strains don't develop themselves at the same speed and at the same level. With this posology, the bacterial populations of the tank are optimized because the product contains different kind of bacteria strains in optimal proportions. The bacteria eat the non eaten food, the fish excrements to transform them in biomass.
Bioptim for marine tank and BioTrace for fresh water are made to enhance the activity of the bacteria in their tank cleaning and balancing jobs.