Commitment Charter

Following the actions taken since 2005 to promote the inclusion of sustainable development issues throughout its companies, the CRITT Chimie- Formulation-Matériaux / PRIDES NOVACHIM has joined with the AFNOR Group to implement a major action in the Provence -Alpes-Cote d'Azur area called "EVADD".

"EVADD" is the acronym of a commitment: « les Entreprises se Valorisent et Agissent pour le Développement Durable » meaning Companies increase their Value by Acting for Sustainable Development." This action, conducted from 2009 to 2011, meets the challenges set by the National Strategy for Sustainable Development.


Based on the works for the now published ISO 26000 norm developed by AFNOR, this action has favored a global approach to economic, environmental and social challenges, thus promoting sustainable development of companies.


These companies have found the keys for implementing structured and innovative responses with their partners, but also positioning and differentiation which are factors of performance, sustainability and integration.

Prodibio, a PRIDES NOVACHIM member, has had the chance and the honor of being selected to join a group of 13 companies that could participate in the EVADD initiative, and thus develop and formalize its commitment to a sustainable aquarium trade.


Protection of the Environment

     PRODIBIO has undertaken to work towards protecting the environment in terms of reducing the different sources of pollution and consumption of natural resources (materials, water and energy) in its manufacturing and distribution processes.


Our company includes respecting the environment and protecting natural resources as being part of innovation and competitiveness:


  • by developing clean products and including the environment within the management of the company
  • by obtaining stocks from suppliers committed to sustainable development (responsible purchasing)
  • by improving the eco-design of its products: extension of shelf life, simplified dosage to avoid over-consumption by the user, conservation at an ambient temperature (to limit the energy used for consumption of the product), a concentrated formula (to reduce the carbon damage linked to transport),
  • by encouraging the use of light and recyclable packaging



 PRODIBIO's commitment is to be seen in the practices of its internal management, particularly in terms of eco-responsibility by reducing volumes and instituting systematic sorting of waste (implementation of reusable, returnable packaging with its principal partners).

Responsibility and Social Equity

     PRODIBIO undertakes to work towards the well-being, health and safety of its colleagues, facilitate their integration and implication in company life, develop their skills and encourage their employability. It also contributes to social equity. The spirit of solidarity and the willingness to cooperate is thus encouraged at the heart of the company and with all its partners.

     PRODIBIO emphasises the principles of professional diversity and equality in its social policy:

  • by developing the integration of people in difficulty (social, handicap, etc.) and the appropriate associated means (fight against illiteracy, etc.),
  • by integrating diversity within the company
  • by developing the principles of professional equality and job desegregation (access to training, responsible positions, the division of family time, equal salaries, etc.).

     The company invests in managing career paths:

  • by valuing and developing the personal and professional skills of employees by training
  • by encouraging employees to take training courses leading to a qualification
  • by including employees in the management of their career path
  • by encouraging internal promotion
  • by helping to train youngsters through paid training courses

     The company works towards protecting health and safety in the workplace by monitoring the systematic application of safety standards and regulations, in particular by raising the awareness of its own staff and the staff of sub-contracting companies.

PRODIBIO also acts to promote well-being at work:

  • by developing a policy which respects working conditions of employees and sub-contractors
  • by encouraging the active participation of their employees and regular discussion periods and by including them in implementing actions to improve their working conditions (working hours, work conditions, reconciliation of work time/free time, etc.)
  • by encouraging employees to assume more responsibility and autonomy

Economic Performance:

For the company, sustainable development is expressed by new growth in terms of resourcefulness, viability and social awareness. This global approach, both effective and durable, is rendered by:

  • organised and forward-looking management
  • client credibility and a response to their expectations
  • increased innovation
  • market differentiation

To achieve this, PRODIBIO implements the following actions:

Adapting its marketing policy to match sustainable development in the market:

  • By utilising eco-design for new products
  • By economic and technical monitoring of its markets and products
  • By attending professional trade fairs,
  • By developing labelling of products and services
  • By demanding a high level of quality in its products
  • By leading global thinking regarding the types and methods of packaging
  • By announcing the added value of Sustainable Development of products

Implementing a sustainable purchasing policy:

  • By minimising and respecting payment terms of suppliers and sub-contractors
  • By favouring local purchases
  • By optimising the transport of merchandise
  • By purchasing environmentally-friendly products.

Improving processes:

  • By striving for eco-efficiency: reducing water consumption and used raw materials,
  • By implementing performance indicators
  • By remedying and avoiding causes of non-quality
  • By providing a fast and receptive after-sales service
  • By dealing with client complaints and thereby reducing client returns
  • By setting up client satisfaction indicators

Corporate governance and territorial integration

The company develops its links with stakeholders in its territory and distributes information on its trades and practices:

  • With residents: in the context of a local recruitment policy,
  • With institutions and communities: the company participates in the implementation of territorial policies and voluntary collective actions
  • With the research community: communication with laboratories regarding its processes and products, with a view to improving sustainability and performance
  • With the teaching community: sharing and distributing its knowledge and expertise with schools, institutions for further education and universities
  • With the economic community: participating in company clubs, establishing local, national and international partnerships
  • With the press: displaying total transparency regarding business activities and projects.

Finally, PRODIBIO takes part in disseminating good practices in the matter of sustainable development by communicating extensively to its suppliers, clients and users of its products on its actions and projects implemented or to come in the field of sustainable development