Worms_&_Parasites_Salt, cure against worms and parasites

Prodibio - Worms_&_Parasites_Salt, Cure against worms & parasites

Worms_&_Parasites_Salt is a cure treatment against worms and parasites for salt water fish Box of 6 vials (5 Worms_&_Parasites_Salt + 1 BioDigest_Start)

Standard Range - 6 vials
Fish parasited by Argulus

Worms_&_Parasites_Salt information

  • Treatment of ornamental salt wtaer fish against worms and parasites
  • Cure for:
    skin worms (Gyrodactylus)
    gill worms (Dactylogyrus)
    tapeworms (Cestodes)
  • BioDigest_Start is a concentrated bacterial solution which biologically filters and eliminates aquarium waste. It allows to start biological filtration

Worms_&_Parasites_Salt is a drug intended for ornamental fish, it should not be used to fish for human consumption.

When should Worms_&_Parasites_Salt be used ?

Cure fish treatment, symptoms:

  • Fish rubbing against the scenery to remove the parasites
  • Increased respiration for Dactylogyrus
  • Weight loss despite normal food intake for Cestodes
  • At the end of the treatment period, the use of BioDigest_Start allows the regeneration of the biological filtration in your marine water aquarium

How to use Worms_&_Parasites_Salt ?

Invertebrates such as corals, snails, seashells and shrimps cannot withstand Worms & Parasites Salt, and must be removed from the aquarium before beginning the treatment.

  Aquarium from 60 to 100 liters Aquarium from  101 to 180 liters
Day 1 Do not feed the fish
Vials A A A together
Do not feed the fish
Vials A A A B B together
Day 7 Water change : 30% of the volume Water change : 30% of the volume
Feed the fish – No treatment - Add the vial of BioDigest Start
Day 8 Vials B B together  
Day 14 Water change : 50% of the volume
Add the vial of BioDigest Start

NB: for aquariums with volumes of water greater than those indicated above, simply multiply the dosages.

It is necessary to move your corals and invertebrates in another tank during the cure treatment