PRODIBIO's Policy of Sustainable Development


     The principles of sustainable development form an integral part of Prodibio's values and operations. This voluntary approach aims to strengthen the company's economic development whilst improving its environmental and social  performance over and above legal requirements.

Values: compliance, transparency, honesty and responsibility
Principles: continuous improvement and the search for excellence

  1. Continue developing the company whilst improving our corporate and environmental achievements
  2. Strengthen the development and reputation of the company in France and internationally
  3. Make innovation and the search for excellence the driving force of our development
  4. Improve and continue our practices and services to take account of and always strive to satisfy our clients' expectations
  5. Encourage the personal and professional growth of our colleagues
  6. Continue with our supportive policies regarding our territory and those populations most at-risk
  7. Minimise the environmental impact of our products and operations
  8. Listen to our partners, clients and suppliers and together promote the principles of sustainable development.

          For the purposes of continuously improving its practices, PRODIBIO has carried out a Sustainable Development analysis in the framework of a pilot scheme involving a dozen or so companies in the south of France. This scheme is co-financed by Europe and led by AFNOR (French Standards Association).

          This analysis, based on the future ISO 26000 standard presently being drawn up, allows for the identification of good practices already put in place by the company and also for poles of improvement. The above have therefore led to us defining our sustainable development policy which is available in a work programme for the coming years.

Good practices:

Eco-design of our products:

  • products which are entirely biodegradable: a large majority of our products are made from renewable, natural raw materials and are thus completely biodegradable.
  • recyclable packaging: all the packaging of our products are in recyclable plastic and some of them also contain recycled material.
  • innovative packaging: our products are packaged in specially adapted glass bulbs: this type of packaging allows for long-term use and conservation at an ambient temperature (which avoids using energy to conserve them).
  • concentrated and pre-measured products: the concentrated formula of our products permits the reduction of carbon  damage at the time of transportation (in comparison to diluted products) and, by pre-measuring them, allows different users to use the right quantity of the product in relation to their need (which avoids over-consumption of a product)


Encourage professional and social integration of people with a handicap:

          PRODIBIO works with an Etablissement et Services d’Aide par le Travail (ESAT) (Special Work Centres for the Handicapped) for packaging these products. The goal of these centres is to ensure the professional integration through work of persons with a physical or mental handicap. Favour local employment, diversity and job desegregation:

          PRODIBIO is situated on an industrial estate: As such, one-third of the company's work force is made up of staff from neighbourhoods known as problem or underprivileged areas (substantial representation of young people without professional qualifications; high level of unemployment and inhabitants on low incomes).

          PRODIBIO is a signatory of the Diversity Charter which demonstrates our commitment towards cultural, ethnic and social diversity at the core of our organisation. As such, we are committed to respecting and promoting the principle of non-discrimination in all shapes and forms and at every stage of managing human resources, notably in the hiring, training, personal and professional promotion of our colleagues. 

Encourage the professional growth of our colleagues:

          PRODIBIO's culture is also characterised by the attention given to the personal development of every person, especially in the managerial field. The levers of training and professional growth contribute to strengthen the professionalisation of colleagues.