Safe_Travel, live bacteria for transport of fish

Prodibio - Safe_Travel, transport of fish

Safe Travel is ideal when moving house. It is effective in freshwater and marine water and is a probiotic which reduces fish stress and combats pathogenic bacteria during transport.

Standard Range - 30 vials
Gamme Standard - Fish Bag

Safe_Travel information

  • Reduce bacterial infections in the water used to transport fish
  • is a concentrated suspension of purifying bacteria for water transport
  • Bacteria developement optimised for water transport (oxygenation, temperature…)
  • The probiotic effect of Safe_Travel prevents the development of pathogens by depriving them of food

When should Safe_Travel be used ?

  • When you move your freshwater or saltwater fish 
  • One vial treats up to 10L (= a moving fish bag)

How to use Safe_Travel ?

What volume ? What range ? What dosage ?
10 liters Standard 1 vial

Useful links

  • Chloral_Reset, to condition tap water of your fresh or salt water aquarium
  • BioDigest, to start biological filtration when you move your tank or fishes

The fish supplier Blue Corner Japan was required by Coex Aquarium to transport 20 000 sardines from Japan to Seoul. Such a shipment can be dangerous for fish that have to travel in a small quantity of water and are stressed out.
In order to limit risks, Blue Corner Japan called on Prodibio which used Safe Travel to create a water additive preventing fish from stress and water from the rise of nitrites and pathogenic bacteria.
In the end, out of 20 000 sardines, 19 994 arrived safely in South Korea, that is 99.97%.